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Knowledge Production Project (KPP)


This eight-year Knowledge Production Project (KPP) aims at collecting and organizing knowledge produced on the Middle East, primarily in the English-speaking world, since 1979 for analysis. The KPP involves the creation of six databases that catalog all peer-reviewed articles on the region, all books, and a variety of other print, visual, and online sources of knowledge, including think-tank policy papers, films, and websites, to be made available to the general public. The project is primarily geared towards helping educators, researchers, and close observers of the region understand how knowledge of the Middle East is impacted by its method of creation. The Knowledge Production Project is committed to making all raw data available to the public. Though anyone can gain access, not everyone will be able to manipulate the data in a way that allows them to draw conclusions about possible trends behind knowledge production. Therefore, KPP is committed to creating interactive data visualizations that will balance both a user-friendly interface and a depth of data to utilize in research.