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A Conversation with Artist Ramy Essam: Still Singing for The Egyptian Revolution

By Ramy Essam

12/03/2014 01:00 pm

Location: George Mason University, Research Hall, Room 163

The Middle East Studies Program and the Arab Studies Institute would like to present artist Ramy Essam.

Ramy Essam is best known for his heady performances in Tahrir Square during the 18 days of the January 25 Revolution. His song, "Irhal!' ("Leave!"), became an anthem for the mass street protests against Hosni Mubarak's 30-year dictatorship: "We are all united, we demand one thing: Leave! Leave! Leave!" He played hours before the "Battle of the Camel" — the surreal pro-Mubarak offensive on Tahrir Square — and during the clashes was hit on the head with a rock. A foreign camera crew filmed him there the next day, head bandaged and defiant: "We will stay here until Hosni Mubarak goes. … I will sing again, I will not stop singing until [he] goes.” (AL-MONITOR)