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Sahra! An Evening of Poetry, Puppetry, and Song

By The Arab Studies Institute, The Middle East Etc. Film Club, Middle East Studies Program, and Global Interdisciplinary Programs

02/18/2010 09:30 am

Location: Enterprise Hall, Room 80, George Mason University

Join us for a magical evening of poetry and puppetry performances by local, national and international artists hailing from Mexico, Lebanon, DC and North Carolina. The show will be performed in the spirit of the Lebanese Sahra and the Latin American Tertulia, where a group of like-minded artists and poets get together for an evening of literary recitals and artistic performances. The shows will include the shadow puppet show “El Pescador y sus Andadas” featuring the Mexican folkloric music of Son Jarocho. The Brothers Harrell will present three excerpts from their original, low-tech, erratic, operatic, semi-civilized and demi-rational extravaganza cabaret. And poet/writer Zein El-Amine will take you on a tour that spans the Middle East and the Americas through the multi-media accentuated readings of his poetry.