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Revolutions in Comparative Perspective

By Jack Censor, Eric McGlinchey, Jo-Marie Burt, David Ericson, Bassam Haddad and moderate by Peter Balint

11/12/2012 01:30 pm

Location: George Mason University, Mason Hall, Meese Room


The Arab Studies Institute (ASI) in collaboration with George Mason University's Public and International Affiars Department, Middle East Studies Program and the Graduate Political Science Society present " Revolutions in Comparative Perspective" on November 12, 2012, at 6:30PM, at George Mason University Mason Hall, Meese Room.   

Jack Censor | The Slow Unexpected can be Expected |

Eric McGlinchey | New Revolutions and Old Autocrats |

Jo-Marie Burt | You Win Some You Lose Some, Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements in Latin America |

David Ericson | What Kind of Revolution was the American Revolution? |

Bassam Haddad | The Arab Uprising: Common Denominators |

Moderated by Peter Balint