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Film Screening: A Glass and A Cigarette

By Arab Studies Institute (ASI), Middle East Studies Program (GMU), Middle East Etc. Film Club (GMU)

12/06/2012 02:00 pm

Location: George Mason University Johnson Center Cinema


Join the Arab Studies Institute, George Mason University's Middle East Studies Program and Middle East Etc. Film Club for a film screening of the classical Arabic movie " A Glass and a Cigarette" on December 6, 2012 @ 7PM at George Mason University's Johnson Center Cinema. 

Directed by Niazi Mostafa and based on a story by Abdel Aziz Salam, A Glass and a Cigarette  is a captivating classic from the golden age of Egyptian cinema. The film features several of the era's brightest stars, including the ilustrious Samia Gamal as Hoda, a famous dancer who gives up the spotlight to marry and start a family with Mamdouh, a handsome young doctor who is just beginning his career. When Mamdouh's scheming Italian head nurse Yolanada (played with gusto by the radiant Dalida) sets her sights on Mamdouh, Hoda's jealousy drives her to drink, ultimately endangering everything she holds dear.