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ASI's Open Access Resources

In response to COVID-19, many schools have transitioned to online learning. As a knowledge production organization, we at ASI feel a particular responsibility to support teachers, students, and researchers during this challenging time. We have therefore compiled thematic lists of open access resources in the form of online articles, audio interviews, and video segments to facilitate classroom learning and additional research.

Six such threads have been shared with our social-media audiences, and hope to continue publishing several others in the days to come. As you’ll see below, the list is a true testament to the critical work being done by all ASI projects, including Jadaliyya, Status, MESPI, and the Arab Studies Journal. Here are the links to said threads on Arab Uprisings, GenderIranPolitical Islam, Infrastructure and Vulnerability, and the Environment, Climate Change, Health, and Disease

Additionally, today Jadaliyya’s Syria Page Editors published, “Commemoration for the Syrian Uprising: Selections by Syria Page Editors (2011-2020).” This article commemorates the recent anniversary of the Syrian Uprisings not only through reflection but also by amplifying critical knowledge on the Syrian conflict since Jadaliyya’s founding in 2011. 

Finally, as most academics, researchers, and students are physically isolated from their offices and libraries, the Arab Studies Journal has made ten recent articles available for free download. Access to said articles can be found here