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STATUS/الوضع: Issue 2.3 is Live! Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary

November 23, 2015

Amidst the rambunctious MESA (Middle East Studies Association) conference atmosphere, we and all our partner organizations are happy to announce the release of STATUS/الوضع Issue 2.3.

By far, this is our richest and most diverse issue yet, with something for every taste, whether it is current events, history, culture, poetry, music, or otherwise. Lots of gratitude to our guests, hosts, and team for delivering this colossal installment.

In this issue, we continue our Intellectual Journey series with an interview with Ahmad Dallal (following our first installment with Ella Shohat), and a host of other interviews addressing topics ranging from "civil society" in the Arab Gulf to a bouquet of interviews on various aspects of Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, and ISIS.

Significantly, the number of programs (i.e., recurring segments with multiple interviewees) is expanding in this issue to include segments on literature and poetry, with interviews and conversations from the region itself, which is an important addition to our existing content on independent and alternative music. We also have the third episodes for our existing programs Reclaiming Academic Freedom and Quick Thoughts



You will also find several segments on key topics, including a series of interviews on Detention in Syria by Katty Alhayek (those imprisoned by both ISIS and the Syrian regime), and Testimonies from Palestinian Prisoners in Israel by Nour Joudeh and Addameer, and the voices of activists in the ongoing Lebanon Protest Movement by Tania Elkhoury.


Our Quick Thoughts program features interviews (some quicker than others!) on Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, and our regular run-down of trending topics in social media in the region.

Our Panels, Lectures, and Conferences section has also expanded and now includes recordings from select events on topics from Political Economy to Media, and beyond. In addition to generic interest in these topics, these presentations make for excellent supplementary listening for classroom assignments, as well as research instigators.


We will progressively feature this material on Jadaliyya and the websites of other Status partners in the region and beyond. Stay tuned!

More soon. Always.
Status Team


 Issue 2.3  •  Fall 2015
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